• 25th Istanbul International Home Textiles Fair
  • 23-27 April 2019
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Denizli was the last stop for CNR Holding's industry meetings

CNR Holding, the leading company in the exhibition industry, continues to hold meetings with its major trade partners. Denizli companies, which are trade partners with CNR Holding in the biggest trade fairs on home textiles in Turkey - EVTEKS and Home & Tex - came together with CNR managers at the dinner held in Denizli on July 25.
CNR Holding company Istanbul Trade Fairs organized the "Latest Trends and Exporting in the World Market," meeting in cooperation with TETSİAD. Several topics including the contribution of home textiles exhibitions organized by CNR Holding to the industry, to the export volumes of the country as well as the participating companies, and the history of the Turkish home textiles industry were discussed.
In the organization where breakthroughs and innovations that need to be realized to carry the Turkish home textiles industry to a better position in the world were discussed, Ali Bulut, the Chief Executive Officer of CNR Holding which continually makes significant contributions to the economy of the country with the trade fairs it organizes; Ali Sami Aydın, Chairman of the Turkish Home Textiles Industrialists and Businessmen Association which is the sole representative of the home textiles industry in Turkey; Hüseyin Memişoğlu, Chairman of Denizli Exporters Association which has made Denizli home textiles industry well known abroad, and the doyen of world economy academic Dr. Emre Alkin contributed with their evaluations of the industry.