• 25th Istanbul International Home Textiles Fair
  • 23-27 April 2019
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Denizli Made an Impression at EVTEKS with 94 Companies

Denizli, the hometown of home textile, participated in EVTEKS - 24th Istanbul International Home Textiles Exhibition with 94 companies.


Denizli Chamber of Commerce Chairman Uğur Erdoğan visited the stands of companies from Denizli at EVTEKS.


Denizli Chamber of Commerce Chairman Uğur Erdoğan emphasized the commercial value of home textile for Denizli and reminded the vast number and variety of the participating countries to the EVTEKS International Home Textiles Exhibition. He also expressed his belief that the Denizli companies will establish important business connections in this exhibition. Chairman Erdoğan said, “With this exhibition, textile sellers and buyers come together at one place to create new work connections. We’re happy that 94 companies from Denizli are representing us in the best way possible this year and our stands are receiving a lot of attention at the exhibition.”